Tuesday's Child: Summer camp for foster kids

At Camp Aldersgate, foster children can forget their worries and just be a kid.

Ahoy there Vanessa, Johnathan and Haley. Beaming from ear to ear, they're testing the dock at Camp Aldersgate. And, soon, they'll be joining others in the water.

Every child deserves a chance to go to summer camp and children impacted by adoption and foster care are no exception.

Haley and Vanessa have attended this camp before. They said they stay in the cabins and enjoy making new friends.

They also get to see their old pal, Linda the chicken.

And this year, their little brother gets to go for the first time.

What's Johnathan looking forward to? "Going in the sand and making sand castles," he said.

It's a place where childhood memories are made. At Camp Aldersgate, foster children can forget their worries and just be a kid.

Johnathan and his sisters, biological siblings, have all been adopted, together now. But he knows what it's like to be separated, so going to camp with his sisters is a dream come true.

"Very, very, very, very happy," he said. "Because whenever I get hurt they're always there to help me."

Adoption Rhode Island is raising money to help send more children to camp, and you can help.

You're invited to a fundraiser Wednesday, July 12 from 6 to 9 p.m. at Finn's Harborside on Water Street in East Greenwich. Enjoy live music by the Closers, dinner, drinks, and dancing for $20.

Call Adoption Rhode Island at 401-865-6000 for more information or purchase tickets online.

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