Tuesday's Child Haiden wise beyond his 8 years

Haiden has a lot of goals and needs a family to help him achieve them. (WJAR)

Gillett's Mixed Martial Arts Academy in Tiverton welcomes a focused, high-kicking and determined 8-year-old named Haiden, wise beyond his years.

"Whatever doesn't kill you only makes you stronger," Haiden says.

Haiden has a thing for ninjas and superheroes, so he needs some moves.

Tim Gillett, in business for decades, can spot potential instantly, calling Haiden a natural.

"Kind of like a breath of fresh air. He's a kid who comes in and wants to do the work and he seems like he's programmed to do the work," Gillett said.

Only under certain circumstances can he use the kicks and punches he has learned.

"Self-defense and sometimes to defend other people," Haiden said.

It's obvious that Haiden is athletic and intelligent. He catches on very fast.

Haiden, who gets excellent grades, exudes confidence.

"I'm the smartest kid in the school, anyway," he says, paving the way for him to be a martial arts instructor or an astronaut someday.

"When I'm in space I'll probably be there for a whole year," Haiden said.

Doing what?

"Probably rove on the moon," he answers.

Haiden has a lot of goals and needs a family to help him achieve them. If you can help, call Adoption Rhode Island at 401-865-6000.

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