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      From Mark Searles:

      Clouds will roll in overnight along with a scattered shower at times as two weather systems converge on the area. The first system is a well defined spin of low pressure across the western Great Lakes region and the second is a weak wave of low pressure quickly moving up from just south of Long Island.

      This wave to our south will slide up and over southern New England Tuesday morning bringing our best chance of showers. A little bit of afternoon sunshine is possible although clouds and scattered showers from the system to our west will arrive later in the day and bring the chance of a shower in spots through late Tuesday night. Drier air spills in for Wednesday & Thursday.

      TONIGHT: Increasing clouds, chance of a shower toward morning. LOW: 57-62

      TUESDAY: Mostly cloudy, chance of morning showers. HIGH: 72

      WEDNESDAY: Partly sunny. HIGH: 67

      THURSDAY: Mostly sunny. HIGH: 60

      FRIDAY: Mostly cloudy, chance of showers. HIGH: 62

      SATURDAY: Bulky afternoon clouds. HIGH: 55

      SUNDAY: Mostly sunny, chilly! HIGH: 50

      MONDAY: Mostly sunny. HIGH: 53

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      Record High85F
      Record Low22F

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