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      From: R.J. Heim:

      Powerful Winter Storm trending closer to Southern New England. Winter Storm Warning has been posted for Monday to include all of Rhode Island, Eastern Connecticut, and Bristol County, MA where 5-8" of snow is expected. A Blizzard Warning has been issued for Plymouth County, MA, all of Cape Cod, Martha's Vineyard, the Elizabeth Islands, and Nantucket. 8-12"+ are expected in those locations. Strong winds of 20-40 mph are expected, with gusts over 60 mph SE MA. A Coastal Flood Advisory is also in effect for Eastern MA coastal locations for flooding at the time of high tide.

      Snow will begin just before daybreak Monday, with the most intense part of the storm midday, tapering in the late afternoon or early evening.

      More accumulating snow, although light, is expected to persist at times Tuesday, Wednesday, ending Thursday. That will be followed by dry conditions but an Arctic Airmass through the upcoming weekend.

      Stay tuned for updates on NBC10 and turnto10.com

      SUNDAY OVERNIGHT: Cloudy, becoming breezy overnight, a few flakes possible. Low: 30-35.

      MONDAY: Snow develops pre-sunrise, picks up in intensity through midday, NNE winds increase 20-40 mph with gusts over 60 mph possible towards the Cape. Expect 5-8" across Rhode Island, with increasing amounts 8-12" or more towards Bristol Co. MA, Plymouth County, Cape Cod, and the Islands. Temperatures will fall into the 20's by the afternoon.

      MONDAY EVENING: Cloudy, some light snow possible. Low: 18-22.

      TUESDAY: Cloudy, more light snow, possibly accumulating 1-2". High: near 30.

      WEDNESDAY: Cloudy, more light snow, possibly accumulating an additional 1-2". High: near 31.

      THURSDAY: Cloudy, the last batch of light snow is possible, with an additional 1-2". High: near 30.

      FRIDAY: Sun, clouds, gusty, arctic. High: low 20's.

      SATURDAY: Sun, clouds, gusty, even colder. High: mid teens. Overnight lows in the single digist.

      SUNDAY: Sun, clouds, not quite as cold, but still arctic. High: near 20.

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