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      High pressure is bringing lots of sunshine this weekend. It will also bring in a cooler northerly wind this morning. Winds will relax this afternoon. With a clear sky and a calm wind overnight tonight, we will see temperatures really drop off for Sunday morning. Some areas could cool into the 30s and a Frost Advisory is in effect for the northern half of Bristol County, MA from 2 AM through 8 AM Sunday. Here we could see isolated areas of frost. Tender vegetation is at risk and should be covered or brought inside overnight.

      Saturday: Sunny and much cooler. High: 60.

      Tonight: Clear and chilly. Low: 42.

      Sunday: Sunny. High: 68.

      Monday: Sunny and breezy. High: 74.

      Tuesday: Mostly cloudy with a chance of showers. High: 72

      Wednesday: Mostly sunny and cooler. High: 63.

      Thursday: Mostly sunny. High: 61.

      Friday: Mostly sunny. High: 58.

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