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      From Mark Searles:

      A 1-2 punch of rainfall will roll across the area through Wednesday night. The first round of rain continues this evening as low pressure passes to our south & east. The rain will taper off a bit overnight & especially toward sunrise Wednesday. The second system will bring additional rain showers into the area later Wednesday morning through the night time.

      This second system has the potential to bring locally steady rain for a time Wednesday evening. As this storm passes to our northeast, it will intensify over the Gulf of Maine and a gusty northerly wind will develop early on Thursday. This wind will help dry things out across our area but Thursday will be a brisk & cool day as temps fall through the afternoon.

      TONIGHT: Periods of rain. LOW: 39-47

      WEDNESDAY: Periods of rain. HIGH: 53

      THURSDAY: Partly sunny, gusty most of the day. HIGH: 50 (falling in the afternoon)

      FRIDAY: Mostly sunny. HIGH: 46

      SATURDAY: Mostly sunny. HIGH: 46

      SUNDAY: Mostly sunny. HIGH: 50

      MONDAY: Mostly sunny. HIGH: 49

      TUESDAY: Partly sunny. HIGH: 48

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      Record High63F
      Record Low11F