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      From Kelly Love:

      Temperatures are chilly again today, but expect mostly sunny skies. A brief warming trend will bring milder temperatures for Thanksgiving Day, so expect highs in the upper 50s. A few increasing clouds arrive for Black Friday, and we'll see highs near 60 in the afternoon!

      A cold front will bring the chance of a few showers Saturday, right now it looks like the morning timeframe is most likely for the rain. Cooler air will follow this front for later Saturday and Sunday. Dry weather is likely for the early part of next week.

      WEDNESDAY: Mostly sunny. HIGH: 45-48

      THANKSGIVING DAY: Partly sunny. HIGH: 55-58

      FRIDAY: Partly sunny. HIGH: 57-61

      SATURDAY: Chane of rain showers in the morning. HIGH: 45-48

      SUNDAY: Partly sunny. HIGH: 47

      MONDAY: Partly sunny. HIGH: 45

      TUESDAY: Chance of showers. HIGH: 50

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      Record High71F
      Record Low12F