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      61 / 46
      62 / 48

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      From Mark Searles:

      A few showers are possible through about 10-11PM as a cold front crosses southern New England. the wind may be a little gusty at times as this front passes, west/southwest 10-18mph. Clouds will break apart toward morning with temperatures dropping into the lower to mid 50s.

      Wednesday will start with some sun, clouds will fill in in the afternoon as a surge of cooler air spills in from the west. Dry weather lasts through Thursday (although it will be cooler Thursday, highs near 60). Another front brings the chance of showers Friday with an even cooler air mass arriving over the weekend.

      TONIGHT: Chance of a shower through 11PM, clearing toward morning. LOWS: 52-56

      WEDNESDAY: Partly sunny. HIGH: 67

      THURSDAY: Mostly sunny. HIGH: 61

      FRIDAY: Mostly cloudy, chance of showers. HIGH: 62

      SATURDAY: Bulky afternoon clouds. HIGH: 54

      SUNDAY: Mostly sunny, chilly! HIGH: 49

      MONDAY: Mostly sunny. HIGH: 51

      TUESDAY: Partly to mostly sunny. HIGH: 60

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      Record High85F
      Record Low22F

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