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      From Mark Searles:

      Showers, mist & drizzle will continue for much of the area through 10PM-midnight. The northeast wind will remain gusty at 15-25+mph and temperatures will hold in the mid 40s. Clouds will once again remain thick into the morning and we are essentially in for more of the same on Friday, cloudy, cool with a gusty northeast wind. Rain showers will spin up from the south later Friday afternoon and evening.

      These showers MAY still be moving across parts of the area early Saturday as low pressure weakens, clouds will stay thick through the afternoon. A cold front still is on track to pass through midday on Mother's Day so scattered showers are likely but we also SHOULD see some breaks of sun at times Sunday afternoon as well.

      TONIGHT: Showers, mist & drizzle through midnight. Gusty NE wind LOW: 43-46

      FRIDAY: Mostly cloudy, chance of showers late day/evening. HIGH: 57

      SATURDAY: Chance of morning showers, mostly cloudy. HIGH: 62

      MOTHER'S DAY: Showers possible midday/early afternoon. HIGH: 65

      MONDAY: Partly sunny. HIGH: 63

      TUESDAY: Partly sunny. HIGH: 66

      WEDNESDAY: Chance of showers. HIGH: 63

      THURSDAY: Chance of showers. HIGH: 60

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