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      From R.J. Heim:

      The last of the arctic cold through tonight. Record low temperatures were recorded at T.F. Green -9 (old 1979), Boston -9 (1957), and Worcester -16 (1957) for Sunday 2/14. The good news: the core of bitter cold arctic air will only last through Sunday night, and the wind will relax by afternoon. Feel like temperatures will range from -35 to -20 until the winds subside. Moderating temperatures Monday, with some snow to mix to rain in the afternoon and evening. Rain and milder air expected Tuesday.

      SUNDAY: Sun, breezy, arctic, relaxing wind. High: 5 to 15 above.

      SUNDAY NIGHT: Clear, calm, bitter cold. Low: near -5 to 0 inland, 0 to 5 coast / islands.

      MONDAY: Hazy sun, increasing clouds, midday / afternoon snow-mix to rain by the evening. A light accumulation is expected before the changeover. High: 34. Steady or rising temperatures at night.

      TUESDAY: Rain, milder, breezy. High: low 50's!

      WEDNESDAY: Sun, clouds, cooler. High: low 40's.

      THURSDAY: Sun, clouds, breezy, colder. High: mid 30's.

      FRIDAY: Hazy sun, increasing clouds, seasonable. Night mix possible. high: mid-upper 30's.

      SATURDAY: A.M. rain, gusty, milder, some midday hazy sun, then chance afternoon shower. High: mid-upper 40's.

      SUNDAY: Sun, clouds, cooler. High: mid 40's.

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