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      From Kelly Love:

      Snow showers are possible again today, and we'll see winds picking up this afternoon with an approaching cold front, with gusts around 25-30mph. Similar to yesterday, most of the area will see scattered snow showers, but we *could* see squalls set up that drop an inch or two in localized spots.

      Friday looks quiet & cold...low pressure will rapidly develop over the ocean to our east early Saturday. This MAY bring an area of snow to southern New England in the morning, right now it seems like far eastern Mass (Cape & Islands) stand the best chance of seeing some Saturday snow. Otherwise this developing storm will help pull in the coldest air of the season for Saturday night into Sunday. Still looks likely that many of us will see temps dip below 0 Sunday morning, likely only rebounding in the teens in the afternoon but wind chills will likely be as low as -15 to -25 at times as a gusty northerly wind howls!

      THURSDAY: Chance of snow showers, gusty and colder. HIGH: 30

      FRIDAY: Partly sunny. HIGH: 24

      SATURDAY: Partly sunny, chance of snow toward eastern Mass in the morning. HIGH: 19

      SUNDAY: Mostly sunny, gusty & bitterly cold. HIGH: 14 chills -15/-25

      MONDAY: Increasing clouds. HIGH: 29

      TUESDAY: Chance of rain/snow showers. HIGH: 44

      WEDNESDAY: Chance of rain. HIGH: 50

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