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      From Mark Searles:

      Watching an area of snow and rain to our south tonight near Philadelphia. This system will spin across parts of southern New England Wednesday bringing scattered snow showers to the area. It's looking like accumulations will likely range from as little as a coating to as much as 2" for most of the area but we have seen sometimes in the past with scenarios like this that there sometimes can be a narrow area of localized higher snow amounts. It is just something to watch, again the likelihood is that the snow snow showers won't cause too many headaches.

      These snow showers will persist in the afternoon before spinning to our east Wednesday evening. An arctic cold front will plow through Thursday with some additional snow showers and a MUCH colder air mass behind. Friday looks cold & dry, a storm will develop quickly over the ocean to our south on Saturday and right now it looks like it COULD produce a period of snow for us in the morning before moving out to sea. At this point it is not looking like a major storm for us, perhaps a couple of inches of snow but we, of course, will monitor!

      TONIGHT: Cloudy with a chance of snow showers toward dawn. LOW: 20-25

      WEDNESDAY: Snow showers likely, coating to 2" possible accumulation. HIGH: 36

      THURSDAY: Chance of snow showers. HIGH: 31

      FRIDAY: Partly sunny. HIGH: 24

      SATURDAY: Chance of snow in the morning. HIGH: 23

      SUNDAY: Partly sunny. HIGH: 14

      MONDAY: Partly sunny. HIGH: 29

      TUESDAY: Mostly cloudy. HIGH: 41

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