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      From Mark Searles:

      May is off to a cool and damp start...and this trend will continue for most of the week ahead. Mist/fog & drizzle is possible this evening and for the first part of the overnight hours. A round of steadier rain will develop before dawn in the 4-6AM time frame. These showers will roll across the area Tuesday morning, ending around noon.

      The clouds will linger throughout Tuesday afternoon and another wave of low pressure will move up from the southwest on Wednesday bringing the chance of more rain in during the midday & afternoon hours. A cool northeast wind direction will persist for most of this week keeping temperatures below normal into the start of the weekend. Right now, an EARLY look at Mother's Day features a chance of showers as a cold front looks to come through at some point during the day...we'll keep you posted!

      TONIGHT: Areas of mist & drizzle possible. Steadier rain likely after 5AM. LOW: 44-48

      TUESDAY: Morning rain showers likely, mostly cloudy afternoon. HIGH: 54

      WEDNESDAY: Chance of showers in the afternoon. HIGH: 58

      THURSDAY: Mostly cloudy. HIGH: 59

      FRIDAY: Mostly cloudy, chance of a shower. HIGH: 58

      SATURDAY: Partly to mostly cloudy. HIGH: 60

      MOTHER'S DAY: Chance of a shower, partly sunny. HIGH: 64

      MONDAY: Mostly sunny. HIGH: 65

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