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      61 / 50
      65 / 44

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      From Mark Searles:

      Clouds will increase a bit more overnight as a fast moving system approaches from the west. The main storm center will pass over northern New England Friday afternoon & evening, keeping the steadiest rain

      across Vermont, NH & ME. A cold front will pass through here Friday evening with scattered showers and a chance of a thunderstorm out ahead of it.

      This front will be well to our east Saturday morning. The holiday weekend looks sunny & dry. Temps will be a bit cool to start this weekend, highs near 60 Saturday...gradual warming takes place

      Sunday and Monday with highs on Columbus Day up near 70!

      TONIGHT: Increasing clouds. LOW: 47-53

      FRIDAY: Mostly cloudy, occasional showers, chance t-storm. HIGH: 71

      SATURDAY: Mostly sunny. HIGH: 61

      SUNDAY: Mostly sunny. HIGH: 65

      COLUMBUS DAY: Mostly sunny. HIGH: 70

      TUESDAY: Mostly cloudy, chance of showers. HIGH: 70

      WEDNESDAY: Mostly sunny. HIGH: 64

      THURSDAY: Mostly sunny. HIGH: 66

      06:49:43 am
      06:15:44 pm

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      Record High82F
      Record Low27F

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