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      84 / 65

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      From Mark Searles:

      We'll see some clouds overhead tonight with mild temps...lows near 60 for most. Overall the temperature profile won't change through Sunday with inland temperatures reaching into the 80s...near 90 on Saturday. While coastal temps stay in the upper 60s to mid 70s with a southerly wind direction.

      There may be some widely scattered inland thunderstorms each of the next few days but most of the development looks to be north & west of most of most of our area. Some tropical moisture north of the Bahamas tonight MAY slide north on Memorial Day, bringing a chance of widespread rain...we'll keep you updated.

      TONIGHT: A few clouds, very mild. LOW: Near 60

      FRIDAY: Morning clouds, some PM sun. HIGH: 80 inland, Upper 60s beach

      SATURDAY: Partly sunny, chance of late day t-showers inland. HIGH: 87 inland, 77-80 beach

      SUNDAY: Partly sunny, chance of late day t-showers inland. HIGH: 84

      MEMORIAL DAY: Chance of showers. HIGH: 75

      TUESDAY: Partly sunny. HIGH: 82

      WEDNESDAY: Mostly sunny. HIGH: 80

      THURSDAY: Partly sunny. HIGH: 72

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      Record High90
      Record Low35