Clipper brings slippery and slick conditions to southern New England


Starting around 3:30 Thursday morning, snow began coming down "at a clip" from this Alberta Clipper system. The accumulation is not too impressive but with temperatures starting off in the low 20s, any untreated surface saw a quick coating.

The major concern will be for secondary roads, on and off ramps, along with elevated surfaces such as bridges and overpasses. The snow is expected to wrap by 10am with some clearing for the afternoon. The lasting effects of the snow however will continue for the majority of the day!

Even with some blue sky peaking through, we're not anticipating any melting. Temepratures will only rise into the low 30s, but with winds of 20mph, it will likely feel like the teens all day. Speaking of those winds, this snow is "light and fluffy" meaning that it will be blown around easily. If you plan on driving, especially during the morning hours, visibility will be reduced. It's possible to have visibility down to a half mile at times.

Bottom line: take your time on the roads and be sure to give yourself PLENTY of time to get to your destination.

Meteorologist Zack Green

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