Powerful storm brings heavy rain, high winds

High wind potential across all of the area with gusts near hurricane force possibly near the coastline

Here's the latest on this very powerful storm which will impact our area into Saturday morning.

Rain: Arrives overnight with increasing intensity by sunrise Friday. The morning commute will likely feature pockets of locally heavy rain with ponding on the roads. Travel certainly slower than usual so be prepared for a frustratingly slow drive in the morning!

The rain will be heavy at times most of Friday and still heavy for the evening commute:

Wind: The intensity of the wind will ramp up quickly Friday morning and it looks like northeast wind gusts will continue all day into the evening. Potentially gusts may reach to between 55-60 mph for much of our inland areas while coastal sections of Rhode Island possibly see gusts of 60-70mph. Gusts near or over hurricane force (74mph or higher) are possible across Cape Cod and the Islands. The wind gusts will settle Saturday morning, although still gusty just NOT to the point where we may have damage.

Power Outages: It's hard to predict exactly who will loose power but the chances of power loss are higher than usual for all of the area, highest for Cape Cod.

Inland Flooding: This is possible all across the area as we see as much as 2.5 to 3.5" of rain fall Friday. Street flooding is likely along with some river and streams flooding. We cannot say which rivers will flood at this point but it is possible that several may.

Snow: It's still likely that the rain will flip to a period of wet snow Friday evening. beginning across the inland higher elevations then moving south toward the coast. The timing of this transition looks to be roughly 5-8PM Friday but this could change a bit and we will simply need to watch the temperature and position of the storm closely through late Friday afternoon.

Storm Winds Down: The chance of snow and/or rain will end around sunrise Saturday but the coastal flooding concerns continue through the high tide cycle Saturday morning. Locally we MAY see the highest water levels at this time as these tide charts show:

On top of coastal flooding, fresh water flooding is likely as well. There is a Flood Warning in effect for the Pawtuxet River near Cranston. Homes and businesses could be damaged.

Lots of changes ahead and this a VERY serious storm. Thanks for reading and stay with NBC10 for continuous storm coverage.


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