StormTeam 10: Blizzard Watch Expanded

Blizzard Watch expanded

Updated by Mark Searles 10:00pm Sunday:

A potentially historic March nor'easter arrives early Tuesday morning...and here's what I mean by historic:

Here are the latest warnings and watches...important to note that the entire area is under a Winter Storm Warning...much of the area is ALSO in a Blizzard Watch for Tuesday afternoon and if future forecast guidance continues to look similar tonight and early Monday I would suspect an upgrade to a Blizzard Warning in these green shaded areas.

Just FYI here's the National Weather Service criteria for what constitutes a blizzard:

  • A blizzard means that the following conditions are expected to prevail for a period of 3 hours or longer:
    Sustained wind or frequent gusts to 35 miles an hour or greater; and
    Considerable falling and/or blowing snow (i.e., reducing visibility frequently to less than ΒΌ mile)

The exact track (as is ALWAYS the case!) will determine the eventual final accumulations BUT based on what we're seeing in the forecast guidance trends, it seems quite possible that much of the area COULD see amounts of a foot or more...the areas where some rain will mix in OR even change totally to rain will of course see less...those areas are farther east toward the Cape & over the Islands.

Snow should start Tuesday morning (roughly 6-8AM) and become steady and occasionally heavy for MUCH of the day...the heaviest snow will likely end sometime Tuesday afternoon but snow showers may continue into the night for a time.

As mentioned this storm will also produce potentially powerful wind gusts Tuesday into early Wednesday...coastal flooding and erosion all likely.

Clear & cold overnight and a mostly sunny day Monday with MUCH less wind. Of course all attention on the storm's the breakdown:

STARTS: Roughly 6-8AM and gets heavy quickly

ENDS: Tuesday aftgernoon (4-6PM) but snow showers posible into the evening

AMOUNTS: Most areas see a foot or more...thinking generally 12-18" but less toward the Cape and Islands where some rain and dry air will mix in and reduce accumulations.

WIND: Northeast gusts of 30-50mph are likely with higher gusts near the water...60mph+ gusts likely Cape & Islands

OTHER CONCERNS: Coastal flooding (mainly eastern MA coastline Plymouth CO & Cape, erosion in these areas as well)

Need to watch the track closely as a shift by just a few miles to the northwest would bring a better chance of mixing in across more of thearea...seems like no mixing concern in the Providence area and especially north & west...the uncertainty lies south & east of Providence across the Fall River-New Bedford corridor.

For more on this storm follow our weather blog right here.

TONIGHT: Clear & cold, less wind. LOW: 5-15

MONDAY: Mostly sunny. HIGH: 31

TUESDAY: Winter Storm Warning/Blizzard Watch. Snow starts 6-8am. HIGH: 33

WEDNESDAY: Chance of snow showers. HIGH: 32

THURSDAY: Mostly sunny. HIGH: 32

FRIDAY: Mostly sunny. HIGH: 35

SATURDAY: Partly sunny. HIGH: 38

SUNDAY: Chance of rain & snow showers. HIGH: 40

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