Boston bombing victim: 'It feels good to be walking'

Heather Abbott is moving right along.

She's now had her prosthetic leg a couple of weeks, and his working on her walking at Next Step Orthotics and prosthetics in Warwick.

The Newport woman had gone to Boston on April 15 to watch the Red Sox play on Patriots' Day and was waiting in line to get into a crowded restaurant when the bombs went off. Doctors amputated her left leg below the knee.

"It's not easy. It's involved a lot of thinking about things that I've never thought about before," Abbott said.

Things like bending her knee more and kicking her foot out.

She's getting coached at Next Step by Luis Vivas.

Vivas, is an amputee. He lost his leg 41 years ago in a motorcycle accident.

He knows a lot about what Abbott is facing but listens just as much as he talks.

"We learn from each other as we go along," Vivas said.

"Lou has told me some days you don't feel like putting it on. Some days you get your foot stuck under the bed, making the bed. He's told me a lot of things about what it's like to be an amputee," Abbott said.

Now they're working on things that come as second nature to most, but Abbott has to re-learn with her new leg.

"We're doing things to try to strengthen it up and to concentrate on putting pressure on this leg. I know I try to avoid it even when I'm walking. I've got to get a little more confident," Abbott said.

Abbott said she uses her crutches just a little bit. She's come a long way in two months.

"It feels good to be walking," she said.

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