Man fatally shot in Providence

Police tape marks the scene of fatal shooting on Hartford Avenue in Providence, Wednesday, Dec. 17, 2014.

Providence police a 22-year-old man was shot and killed Wednesday as he walked out of a market where workers said he was regular.

The man was shot at about 2:10 p.m. as he left the market on Hartford Avenue. Workers said he had gone in to buy a snack.

Gunshots rang out moments after he left.

"We were just working in the back and we heard three gun shots. We didn't know what it was. One of the workers thought it sounded like a firecracker. So, we didn't think anything of it. We didn't go out right away," said Rudy Branca, who works across the street from the market.

He said the neighborhood is plagued by violence and gangs.

"You can be caught at the wrong place at the wrong time," Branca said.

Many said they are glad the mayoral academy next door wasn't letting out when the shooting happened.

Police said the 22-year-old man doesn't live in the area. They said he died at Rhode Island Hospital.

Police said they are interviewing witnesses and that they have a vague description of the gunman.

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