Drivers can be fined for failing to clear snow

Drivers in Rhode Island and Connecticut can face fines for failing to clear snow and ice off their cars.

So far Rhode Island State Police have handed out more than 50 summonses since the new year, and that doesn't take into account warnings.

According to the law, snow and ice needs to be removed from cars so there are no obstructions to views and there's no threat to other vehicles on the road.

Obviously, driving with a "significant" amount of snow and ice on a car can be dangerous if that amount dislodges and hits another vehicle at a high rate of speed.

If you get a ticket for not clearing your car it will cost you a few bucks. But state police are really just more interested in keeping the number of accidents down and roads cleared.

"It's a real concern for the state police and it should be for all the motorists. It is a safety issue and ultimately we're trying to keep the motorists safe on the highway, that's our ultimate job," state police Lt. William Jamieson said.

The fine in Rhode Island is $75.

Connecticut has a similar law, and 230 tickets have been issued so far this year. The fine is the same, but surcharges are also factored in.

No such law exists in Massachusetts.

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