Only on 10: Video shows woman stealing painting

    A painting worth about $500 was stolen in front of other customers at a restaurant in Cranston this past weekend, and it was all caught on the restaurant's surveillance camera.

    Vincent Dinofrio is the owner of 39 West Restaurant. He said when he reviewed that surveillance footage he found the woman responsible.

    In exclusive video obtained by NBC 10, the painting, designed by a local artist, is hanging on the wall during St. Mary's Feast, an event attended by hundreds of customers. A woman standing nearby takes the painting off the wall and lays it on a table behind her. She then continues drinking and interacting with other customers before sliding the portrait, done with oil-based chalk, up the back of her shirt to conceal it.

    "I had thought it fell off the wall because we had so many people there. So, I asked all the staff and we looked around, it wasn't there," Dinofrio said.

    He and his wife tell NBC 10 they're surprised they don't know who this woman is because they say they typically know most of their customers.

    They hope their customers and anyone who sees the video will recognize the woman who took the painting.

    Dinofrio said he paid the artist for the missing portrait on Thursday.

    "He didn't believe it. We kind of laughed at it, that somebody would do that in front of like maybe 500 people," Dinofrio said.

    Dinofrio said he is offering a reward of $100 to anyone who can help them identify the woman.

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