Family: Board denies parole for woman's killer

By Mario Hilario

The Rhode Island Parole Board on Monday denied parole to man convicted of killing his estranged wife in 1990, a family member of the victim said.

Frank Moniz is serving a life sentence in the killing of Maryellen Medeiros in Pawtucket.

Medeiros's family made an emotional plea to the Parole Board earlier Monday, asking members to deny parole to Moniz.

"They shouldn't have to go through this. We shouldn't have to go through this. We're reliving it all over again," one of Medeiros's sisters told the board.

Relatives said Medeiros was leaving Moniz in 1990, when he went to her Pawtucket apartment and stabbed her 52 times.

"Our word is going to be heard today. It wasn't heard during the trial, but it's going to be heard today," said Elizabeth Rivera, Medeiros's sister.

Before the hearing, family members and their supporters rallied outside the Parole Board's offices in support of keeping Moniz behind bars.

"We feel that he is a danger to society, and that we fear for our lives. We fear for our family," Rivera said.

Among those who testified was David Malkasian, who was then a detective sergeant and the first to discover Medeiros.

"When I got there she was pleading and begging for her life," Malkasian said. "I stayed with her in the rescue. I stayed with her in the trauma room at the hospital. The one thing in all my years that I never saw -- that all the hospital personnel tending to Maryellen were crying."

Her family seeks justice all over again, hoping Moniz serves the life sentence he was given -- a sentence they feel he has given them.

"Please, please just keep him where he belongs," a relative said.

Moniz was denied parole seven years ago, when he first became eligible.

One current board member told the family that the fact that the board at that time set the next date seven years out indicated the seriousness with which they took this crime.

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