Family celebrates medical milestone for Baby Angela

Little Angela just celebrated her 8 month birthday last week after being given less than a month to live when she was diagnosed with anencephaly. It's a rare disorder that causes a baby's brain and skull not to develop.

"Doctors can be wrong. She proved that," said Angela's mother, Sonia Antana.

She said that the doctors have changed their diagnosis. Now they say Angela has encephalocele. It's still a rare and terminal disorder causing the bones of the skull to not close completely. That means there is a small piece of brain present, and it is growing. That helps explain how Angela has made it to 8 months and counting.

"We never thought that this was going to happen because before when we met, she was here for her death. She was here because there was nothing else we could do," she said.

Sonia looks through a memory box she was given at the hospital when Angela was born. Inside is a dress the baby wore that day. Now it's much too small, it's a symbol of Angela's growth and health.

"God is so good and he's using Angela just to prove that these babies can live. Let them live."

That was certainly the big question when Angela received her original diagnosis while still in the womb.... Doctors recommended terminating the pregnancy, but Sonia and her husband Rony say that was never a thought.

"You don't have to choose abortion for these cases," she said. "No. For any reason, you don't have to terminate the pregnancy. There is a life there. So we never, not even for a second, thought about abortion - no!"

And because of that, it's an extra happy Thanksgiving for this family.

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