Filming begins in RI on Vinny Paz biopic

    Shooting began Monday in Rhode Island for the upcoming biopic on boxer Vinny Paz.

    "Bleed for This" is based on Paz's comeback from a broken neck to win a world title.

    Producers used a Warwick hotel ballroom to recreate the 1988 prefight news conference before Pazienza took on Roger Mayweather for the WBC junior welterweight title at Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas.

    The story is brought to life by producer Chad Verdi and Verdi Productions.

    Actor Miles Teller plays Paz.

    "It's such an honor to be playing Vinny Paz. The guy's story is legendary," Teller said.

    The role didn't come without challenges.

    "I mean, I lost 20 pounds. I cut my body fat in half. I feel like I am close to what a professional boxer would be at," Teller said.

    Oscar-winning producer Bruce Cohan of "Silver Linings Playbook" loves this movie's potential.

    "I think the potential for this story is huge. It's such a crowd pleaser. And it's about so many deep things: Vinny's faith and his belief and his family and overcoming incredible odds. And to see it all starting to take shape today, you just really get a sense that it could be something audiences are really going to love and respond to," Cohan said.

    The movie's executive producer is Martin Scorcese. They have gathered a first-rate cast. Not only Teller -- one of Hollywood's hottest young actors -- but also "Game of Thrones" actor Ciaran Hines, who will play Vinny's dad, Angelo.

    "He's an extraordinary human being, really human and dynamic and full of guts, and the whole family thing. For me, the whole story is very touching," Hines said.

    The movie's producers are looking for extras to fill the stands at Twin River on Wednesday, when they recreate the Paz-Mayweather bout.

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