Families left homeless after Providence fire

Investigators are still looking into the cause of a fire that left three families homeless in Providence.{} And the Red Cross is now assisting those 14 people.

But it was a terrifying wake up call for the people who lived at 45 Rosedale Street when the fire broke out and sent residents scrambling for safety.

Alex Sandy is one of the residents who escaped the Sunday morning blaze, he told NBC 10 "I was in bed, when I woke up I saw the whole place was in smoke."

Sandy, who was staying at the 2nd floor apartment then went to wake the other tenants up; "I went and just knocked on their door, and started to look for the other little children, so we passed through the back way and all came outside so I just came outside like this, no slippers, no nothing"

The other residents of the apartment he alerted, Patience Paye and her family, escaped with just a blanket. Payne told NBC 10 "the first thing on my mind was to get my kids to safety and I just started alerting the neighbors downstairs and upstairs to make sure they're ok"

According to Battalion Fire Chief David Soscia, everyone in the home got out safely by the time they arrived.

A passing crew actually noticed the smoke and responded around the same time the fire was being called in, however it still did heavy damage to the upper floors and once again crews had to deal with this bitter cold weather.

Crews were able to bring the fire under control in about an hour even in the kind of conditions they faced. As Battalion Chief Soscia put "it's tough enough with the boots and gear going up and down the ladders, but then to do it with ice on them is a challenge."

The house is unlivable right now, but no one was hurt; for that Patience Paye, is grateful "life is very important, by the grace of God, everybody was saved."

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