Friend worries social media post put Catalano in danger

A friend told NBC 10 that 26-year-old Richard Catalano posted a photo of a pile of money on a public Facebook page.

A friend of Richard Catalano, who was shot and killed during a home invasion in North Providence, told NBC 10 on Wednesday that a social media post may have put Catalano in danger.

Catalano, 26, was shot and killed on Sunday night. Catalano's mother was also shot.

Catalano's girlfriend told NBC 10 on Tuesday that she thought the shooting was over a pair of sneakers.

Catalano's friend, who did not want to be named, told NBC 10 that after returning home from the Sneaker XPO in Providence, Catalano posted a picture of a pile of money on a public Facebook page. The picture was posted the same night police said 24-year-old Dari Garcia broke into Catalano's home in North Providence with a gun.

Garcia has been charged in the shooting death of Catalano. He remains guarded at the hospital after police said he suffered what appeared to be a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Catalano's mother remains in critical condition and was undergoing surgery after being shot in the jaw and shoulder.

Garcia does have an extensive criminal history. He was shot in the abdomen by Providence police during an altercation in February.

Catalano's father Richard Lopes spoke to NBC 10 about his son's funeral arrangements and how his death has impacted the entire family.

"Burying a son at 26-years-old is something I hope no one ever has to go through," he said.

Lopes said he's going to the Rhode Island Attorney General's office asking that the law be changed to enforce stricter punishments for parole violators and repeat offenders. He says given Garcia's history, his son's death could have been prevented.

"A law can be made so people don't have to go through what I'm going through. The first night he was in the morgue I could feel his coldness. I could feel him telling me, 'Dad I'm alone', I could not get warm. This is what it feels like, this is reality. Let's stop this reality," Lopes said.

Catalano's family members told NBC 10 that funeral arrangements have been made. A public viewing is scheduled for 9 a.m. Saturday at Nardolillo Funeral Home in Cranston.

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