Goats brought in to clear the way for new Portsmouth dog park

A herd of goats helped clear two acres in two weeks.{} The goats were brought in to clear the way for a dog park in Portsmouth.

The herd of 17 goats from Laurel Hill Microfarm in Hope, Rhode Island took to an overgrown brush area in Portsmouth, and ate like it was their job - because it was.

"They usually are eating around the clock. The land comes out to just over two football fields," according to Kim Cipolla, member of the Portsmouth Dog Park Committee.

The goats munched on everything from poison ivy to thick brush--even thorns to help clear out this area for the dog park.

"This was our first big job where we camped out with them overnight," said Cipolla.

The goats cheaper than a bulldozer and construction crew, and environmentally friendly.

"Animals helping animals," said Cipolla

"Two weeks ago you couldn't even walk in there to figure out if the land was level." And it turns out the goats even dug up a buried fire hydrant, something perfect for a new dog park.

Now members of the dog park committee in Portsmouth are working to finish the job here, taking down vines and branches after the goats completed their part of the project.{}

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