City unveils campaign to combat graffiti

Officials in the city of New Bedford are taking action to remove graffiti and keep it away.

City officials on Thursday announced Graffiti Free NB, a comprehensive approach to graffiti prevention and removal.

The city bought an EcoQuip machine that uses tiny glass beads to blast away graffiti while maintaining the integrity of the building or concrete it was painted on.

The machine isn't cheap to buy, operate or maintain, which is why the city has dedicated $30,000 to the Graffiti Free NB reporting and removal program.

The city is also offering a $500 reward to anyone who reports information to New Bedford police that leads to the apprehension and conviction of a graffiti artist.

Residents can report graffiti in three ways: on the city of New Bedford website, by calling 508-979-1550, ex. 560, or by using a new app available for free.

Search "Commonwealth Connect" in the Apple or Google Play stores and download the NB Connect app onto a smart phone.

The NB Connect app can also be used to report potholes and request tree trimming.

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