Grave of Bathsheba Sherman back together after vandalism

The gravestone has been pieced back together but there is still one piece missing.

The vandalism done to the grave of Bathsheba Sherman believed to be a spirit that haunted the Harrisville home that's at the center of the movie "The Conjuring."

Andrea Perron who lived in the house and wrote the book that sparked the movie recently took to You Tube to denounce the recent vandalism that damaged the marker.

In her speech she said "I can't tell you how disgusted and disturbed I am by recent events in my hometown of Harrisville, Rhode Island"

A firefighter with the Harrisville fire station, across the street from the historical cemetery, told NBC 10 that his chief and some members of the fire department fixed the gravestone and said the spot had been busy with curious onlookers.

Sara Indish says she saw the gravestone when it was in pieces, and she told NBC 10 that "it's upsetting someone would vandalize a grave but I can see why they would do that , she's a witch and it's a terrifying, upsetting movie."

A movie that, for better or worse, has drawn a lot of attention to this small town, and that attention does not look to be going away.



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