Health Check: Free beauty services for breast cancer survivors

A group of women are taking an hour-long pause from their day to get a facial at the Aveda Institute in Cranston.

"This is a great partnership between Aveda and Gloria Gemma," said Carol Ann Donnelly of the Gloria Gemma Breast Cancer Foundation.

A partnership that means all breast cancer patients and survivors who are part of the Gloria Gemma Breast Cancer Foundation have access to beauty treatments.

This is the first day-long session, and one of many to come.

"It's going to allow breast cancer patients and breast cancer survivors who participate in our program and services to get free services like facials and manicures and pedicures, which is important because when you go through cancer, you go through a lot of changes," Donnelly said.

Donnelly knows first-hand. Not only does she work for the foundation, she's a two-time cancer survivor.

When Aveda owner Michael Galvin was asked by the foundation about offering free services, he didn't hesitate.

"At 50 years old I was diagnosed with stage four throat cancer and you know after going through the treatments, and what intense chemotherapy and radiation does to your body and what it does to yourself and your spirit and your heart and your soul giving back is what we always do at the school," Galvin said.

Ann Nadeau was diagnosed with breast cancer about two years ago.

"I finish up follow up treatment Aug. 3," she said.

Nadeau said just a one-hour facial is a real difference maker.

"From the time you get the diagnosis and the time you get the call, it's constant doctor's appointments, treatments, procedures and then you go through the chemotherapy and you go through the surgery," she said. "And, just to take one day out and have (the) Gloria Gemma Foundation say we're going to pamper you, it's just awesome."

Four dozen breast cancer and survivors took advantage of these free facials in one day. In about a month or so, the school will be offering those who take advantage of the free programs and services free manicures and pedicures.

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