House speaker wants RhodeMap delayed

    Rhode Island House Speaker Nicholas Mattiello has asked for the brakes to be put on a statewide economic development plan.

    RhodeMap RI was supposed to be submitted to the state planning council on Thursday. It's been postponed until at least Dec. 11.

    "In light of today's development, the center renews our call for a high-profile public debate. A broader high profile forum is warranted for such a controversial topic," said Mike Stenhouse, CEO for the Center for Freedom and Prosperity.

    Backers of the plan point out they've had nearly two dozen public hearings since August 2013. Yet many people have not heard of the far reaching planning document, which can be read at

    Opponents say the plan will give authority to federal agencies.

    "They want to take away the rights of elected officials and people and put it in the hands of federal bureaucracies such as HUD and federal bureaucrats," said Lacey McGreevy of the Property Rights Alliance of Rhode Island.

    Kevin Flynn, associate director of planning for the state of Rhode Island, said the plan suggests no changes to Rhode Island laws or zoning regulations.

    Mattiello said he wants to have time to look over the plan.

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