Hundreds show up for power plant protest in Somerset

They were arrested to cheers from the crowd, the heroes of their cause.

These demonstrators in the red shirts agreed to and were prepared to be arrested for trespassing. In fact, those who were willing to do it had to go through training, like Bob Morrison, who told NBC 10 "I'm licensed professional in Massachusetts, chemical engineer, this will be my first arrest; I feel strongly enough about the issue I'm willing to risk the consequences of arrest."

The issue is the Brayton Point Power station which is armed with props like wind turbines and solar panels. The protestors marched from a nearby field down to the facility calling for the coal plant to be shut down.

Some protestors, like Vanessa Rule, were not just protesting for their own future but for the futures of the next generation. Rule told NBC 10 "I really care about my children's future, and I know the science is telling us we need to stop burning fossil fuels as soon as possible and build a renewable energy economy."

The company however, argues it is an important contributor to the local economy and helps keep down the cost of electricity in New England.

In a statement to NBC 10 the owners of the power station say "it is one of the cleanest electricity generators in compliance with all environmental regulations, spending more than a billion dollars to reduce its impact on air and water."

The protest held amid a large contingent of local and state police and other law enforcement, the town planned and prepared for the hundreds who showed up here, overall a peaceful protest to the end.

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