'Faces of Fallen' brings awareness of thousands killed in war

Joe "Tiger" Patrick of South Kingstown is commemorating Memorial Day in a unique way.

He's created a quilt with the images of the more than six thousand men and women who have lost their lives in Iraq and Afghanistan since the war on terror began

"It's very humbling to take on an endeavor that matters so much. I'm meeting parents and families of fallen," said Patrick.

His endeavor is called "Faces of our Fallen."

He's walking across America with the quilt, to raise awareness about the sacrifice.

He began in California last month. Patrick is on a short reprieve from his journey and brought the quilt with him while he's back home for a stretch in Rhode Island.

It's making quite an impression while on display at the South Kingstown Elks Lodge.

"I'm at a loss, tough thing to think about, and tougher to think that it's never going to end," said retired Army Specialist and Charlestown resident Jean Carlucci.

Patrick says there are already more faces he has to add on as more lives have been lost since his journey began only a month ago.

It's a self imposed mission he accepts proudly.

"I'm a desert storm guy and there's a sadness most of us vets have that another generation is fighting our war. I want to give back I can't have their back in combat there, but I have their back here," said Patrick.

He will return to Phoenix next week to pick up where his walk across the country left off.

He plans to end his cross country journey at the Walter Reed Medical Center in Maryland, some time around Halloween.

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