Money Watchers: State laundry workers earning six figures

    It's one thing if nurses at Rhode Island's Slater Hospital are making $250,000 a year because of massive overtime payments.

    Those figures were revealed in an article on The Ocean State Current this week.

    But the research by the website also revealed some laundry workers for the state are also making six figures, with one worker making more than twice his salary in overtime for a total of $123,153.

    Ocean State managing editor Justin Katz told NBC 10 that it took more than a year to get the information from the state, and he said the state should not be hiding those facts from taxpayers.

    "The way the incentives all work, the only person, the only people with an incentive to find this kind of absurd overtime and other costs are the people ultimately paying the bill -- the taxpayer. And if they can't easily do that, there's nobody really looking out to keep costs down and keep everything running efficiently," Katz said.

    Craig Stenning, the director of the state Department of Behavioral Healthcare, Developmental Disabilities and Hospitals, said the excessive overtime has been addressed through more hiring, as he tries to bring his staff up to appropriate levels.

    As a result, the overtime for 2012 was less than $82,000. In 2011, a single worker earned more overtime than that.

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