More changes coming to Interstate 95 in Providence

The next phase of the project will be implemented by 6 a.m. on Saturday, Oct. 29, 2016, weather permitting. (WJAR)

The Providence Viaduct project continues to frustrate drivers on I-95 south through the city, but the Rhode Island Department of Transportation is moving forward with its plan to shift traffic onto the new bridge.

The next phase of the project will be implemented by 6 a.m. on Saturday, weather permitting.

"(Motorists) will see two lanes of traffic through to 95 on the right-hand side, and one lane of traffic staying on the old bridge that will also take you to Route 95 South," RIDOT director Peter Alviti told NBC 10 News.

Effectively, the lane split will move from where it is right now one lane to the left, so workers can continue to work to merge everything onto the new bridge. The Atwells Avenue exit and the 6/10 exits will remain in place.

"What causes traffic backups is people making a decision at the last second and changing their decision -- trying to change lanes just before the median,” Alviti said.

Making decisions early and staying in your lane is what Alviti said will help everyone move along fluidly. All lanes will allow motorists to continue on 95. If you need to get off at the downtown exit, the 6/10 connector, or Atwells Avenue, make your decision and move to the right lanes before the 146 merge.

Alviti explained what lessons he's learned from the roll out of Phase 1.

"We've employed several new kinds of signage -- additional signage we've put out there," he said. "The media awareness. Getting out, doing more outreach … and I think the cooperation of the public themselves. They're getting it. They're getting the message and they're listening to it because the last few mornings have been rather good."

Work is scheduled to be complete by mid-November.

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