Non-violence advocate wants to stop Providence shootings

Bullets have been flying at an alarming rate around the capital city this summer, and local non-violence advocates are calling for the shooting to stop.

Disturbing scenes are popping up all over the city this summer. Early Friday morning 27 shell casings and cars riddled with bullets were discovered in the area of Georgia and Carolina Streets. It comes just days after five people were hit with bullets flying in the Chad Brown neighborhood.

Juan Carter from the Institute for the Study and Practice of Non-Violence says that it's in all of our hands to stop the violence. "Any time there's gun fire and that many shots, it's going to be very alarming and it's gonna put people in a panic. Too much has been allowed in the community by members of the community, so it's not all on the police. I know we all say that police need to beef up patrol, but it's not the police fault," he said.

In fact, Major David Lapatin of the Providence Police Department confirmed that police have beefed up patrols especially in the Chad Brown neighborhood in the wake of the violence. He also said police are on extra alert during the summer months."That's just what happens. More people are outside, so more of a chance of problems."

The violence is not exclusive to this week's incidents. Last week, two men were shot on Point Street while they were just sitting on their porch. In June shell casings were found by a citizen, again, near the Chad Brown Housing Development. Police confirm at least one of these incidents was gang related. Non-violence officials are not surprised.

"I won't deny the fact that there isn't a gang problem," Carter said. "There is a gang problem. We do have gangs in Providence. We try to get across to the kids that just because you're involved in a crew, just because you're affiliated with a crew, it doesn't have to be negative."

The victims from the Chad Brown shooting on Tuesday night continue to recover. No arrests have been made in that case so far.


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