Providence firefighters pay for 24/7 security at mayor's house

Mayor Jorge Elorza suggested reducing the number of platoons in the city from four to three, and increasing fire fighters work week from 42-hours to 56-hours.

Providence police continue to investigate alleged threats made on social media against Mayor Jorge Elorza and his home.

The threat to burn down Elorza's house{}drew a quick response from the firefighters' union.

It's no secret that there's a lot of animosity toward the firefighters' union and the mayor regarding the switch in the scheduling system but this, says union President Paul Doughty, goes too far.

"The union's opposed to any threats.{}I don't think there's a place for that. While we enjoy{}and believe in a healthy dialogue, I think you have to draw the line at threats," Doughty said.

Doughty said he learned about the alleged threats Monday night. According to a police report, the threat was posted on two pro-firefighter union Facebook pages but has since been taken down.

"It's important that we have a positive image and there's no place for threats. I will remind my members that what they do in public, they are held accountable for," Doughty said.

It has been a very public battle between the two sides.{}Ill-will is always seemingly slung toward the mayor from online posters. In fact, Doughty himself took to Twitter Monday evening to warn some of those posters about the content of their public messages, writing, "I also forbid anyone anywhere from making jokes about Elorza still living in the basement of his mother's house. Words can hurt."

"We haven't heard from the mayor on this yet," Doughty told NBC 10 News.

Doughty did confirm that the union is footing the bill, about{}$500 a{}day, for a 24-hour private security guard at the mayor's residence while the investigation into the threats plays out.

"It was something I thought would be a sign of good faith on our part to show that we care about his safety and we're willing to put our money where our mouth is," Doughty said.

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