Rare ladybug spotted in Warwick

The nine-spotted ladybug

Scientists found a rare ladybug at Rocky Point in Warwick during the Rhode Island Natural History Survey's "BioBlitz."

Survey officials announced Thursday that the nine-spotted ladybug was "rediscovered" last year during the "BioBlitz," which is a challenge to volunteers, scientists and naturalists to find as many species as they can in a 24-hour period at a particular location.

It was the first sighting of the ladybug in Rhode Island in at least 30 years.

Cornell University researchers identified the insect through photos from the Lost Ladybug Project at the school.

The nine-spotted ladybug, or Coccinella novemnotata, was once common in the eastern United States but has almost disappeared.

Natural History Survey Executive Director David Gregg says Warwick isn't a place he would have expected to make such a find.

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