RI man says he believes Bob Dylan is his father

    By R.J. Heim

    A Portsmouth man says he believes he is the son of musician Bob Dylan.

    According to reports, Dylan officially has six children: five biological and one adoptive. But if what William DeVogue says is true, that number may be seven.

    Since he was teenager, when DeVogue's adoptive parents gave him his certificate of baptism, he began his search for his biological parents.

    "I always knew I was adopted because I remember being driven up in the driveway when I was 3-and-a-half-years-old by the social worker," DeVogue told NBC 10 News on Thursday.

    Now 48 years old, it's been a long and painful journey to uncover what he says is the truth, which finally came to him just two years ago.

    Over the years, he always felt a stifled creativity, which made the revelation that he was conceived in Greenwich Village in 1963, when his mother was deep into the burgeoning music scene there, all the more amazing.

    Through the Internet and following up leads, he finally found his birth mother, Tina DeVogue, in failing health, living in a three-family house in Jamaica Plain near Boston.

    The man who answered the door, according to William DeVogue, was Gene Michael, who has since died. Was he his biological father? Subsequent DNA tests later showed no.

    "After giving me up at 10 months, it devastated her life," DeVogue said.

    The drugs and the scene continued to take their toll. She's home-bound and on methadone.

    But her mind is clear enough, DeVogue said, that she says she was hanging around Bob Dylan at the time, even though Michael was her boyfriend.

    When he heard that, he looked at pictures of Dylan and was struck by resemblance. Tina DeVogue said it's a possibility that Bob Dylan could be his biological father. It was a time of free love.

    "She's had a very, very, hard, hard life. But she was very happy to see me," William DeVogue said.

    According to a published report from Spinner.com, DeVogue has tried to make contact with Dylan through the musician's managers, asking for a paternity test, but to no avail.

    Dylan's team hasn't pushed back either, making DeVogue to wonder why not.

    DeVogue said he doesn't want any money from Dylan, just the truth.

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