Sunday Brunch: Healthy Breakfast Stuffed Mushrooms

    {}2015 Healthy Breakfast Stuffed MushroomsServes 44 very large Portobello mushrooms lightly rinsed reserve the stems and remove the black gills.4 of the mushroom stems trimmed and chopped 1/4"3 tbsp. olive oil divided 1/4 cup minced onion1 large potato peeled and diced 1/4" 4 large eggs4 tbsp. crumbled feta cheese2 tbsp. minced parsley1.{}{}{}{} Heat 1 1/2 tbsp. olive oil in a skillet and quickly sear the mushrooms on both sides for 1 min in each side. Remove and set aside.2.{}{}{}{} In the same skillet, add the mushroom stems, onion and potatoes and saut until the potatoes are tender. Add the parsley and season with salt and pepper.3.{}{}{}{} Heat the remaining olive oil in the skillet and quickly add the eggs and scramble moving the pan and a spatula and just cook the eggs and leave them a little runny. Season with salt and pepper4.{}{}{}{} Add the eggs to the potato mixture and divide this mixture into the inside of the mushroom and lightly press down to shape.5.{}{}{}{} Place these in a oven proof casserole and top with the feta and bake in a 400 degree oven for 3-4 min. Remove and serve.

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