Swansea man says library's cat violates ADA

Penny has lived at the Swansea Public Library for 14 years.

A Swansea man says the library's cat is a source of discrimination.

Penny the cat has been living at the Swansea Public Library for 14 years. She is the third in a string of cats that have called the library home for more than 30 years.

Patrick Higgins said he wants Penny gone, claiming her presence violates the Americans with Disabilities Act because people with allergies to animals are being discriminated against if the cat is there when they want to use the library.

Patrons of the library want the cat to stay, but Higgins said that he will file a complaint with the U.S. Department of Justice's Civil Rights Division if the cat is not removed by Friday.

Higgins said he does not have a cat allergy and that he doesn't frequent the library.

"We acknowledge that we have received a complaint regarding the presence of a resident cat in our library. We are working to resolve this issue as we continue to serve the best interests of all of our patrons," the library's board of trustees said in a statement.

A petition to keep the cat at the library has already been started.

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