Travel agency thanks brutal winter for business boost

Relax on Punta Cana's unspoiled and serene beaches. (PRNewsFoto/The Dominican Republic Ministry of Tourism)

Are you ready to make a winter escape?

You're not alone.

Travel agents say several people are leaving the cold of New England for warmer climates.

"(They walk in). They tell us they want to go someplace warm and we take care of all the details," said Donna McDonald at Travel Plus in Coventry.

A cold winter has meant more business, and more walk-ins.

"This year it's up 30 to 40 percent. A lot of walk-ins. People looking to get away," she said.

McDonald says clients just need an escape, whether it's for a long getaway or an extended weekend.

"It does give you rejuvenation. It does energize you," she said.

This year's hot spot is Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic.

Debbie Parker and her husband just came back from Aruba a few days ago. She says several people in the Caribbean were thankful to dodge the winter doldrums.

Parker says after a week of warm weather, she's not ready to handle the cold.

At T.F. Green Airport, some Fall River residents hope a Florida wedding will wipe the winter blues away.

"I was excited. I was excited. Because it's really cold over here and it's really hot over there," said Meiling Mlaldona.

She hopes winter doesn't spoil her plans.

McDonald says travel insurance is key for winter travelers.

"Travel insurance will protect you and give you a refund. When your trip is delayed, you may have to get a room. You may have to get a meal," she said

Because on your way to the beach, Old Man Winter just might catch up with you.

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