Vandals cause 'extensive damage' to accessible playground

A sign says the imPossible Dream Playground in Warwick is closed because of vandalism.

Kicked in doors, blown out windows, and toy figures snapped off foundations.{}

That's just some of the damage apparently caused by vandals sometime Wednesday night or early Thursday morning at the imPossible Dream Playground in Warwick.

Detectives are working the case. So far, they have some leads.{}

There is shock by those who run the place and by those who go there usually for fun.{} They're trying to figure out why someone would do this to a non-profit organization that gives so much happiness to children.

Now, the public's help is needed to find the person or persons responsible.

Diane Penza, who runs the imPossible Dream, said damages for parts and supplies alone cost $5,000 at the remote facility, which is located on Centerville Road near Toll Gate High School.{}

"At first, I was, like, overwhelmed," Penza told NBC 10 News.{}"I was like, 'What am I seeing here?'{}because you walk in every morning and you expect it to be the same.{} The extent of the vandalism was incredible."

Hundreds of children a day visit the playground because of its safety and, for those who need it, handicapped accessibility.{}

But for those who showed up Thursday looking for fun instead got a lesson in sadness.{} Gillian Sullivan of Coventry brought her daughter and two nephews for an hour before she had to go to work.{}

"That's devastating," Gillian Sullivan said.{} "And the kids said, 'Oh it's closed,' and I said, 'Yeah, it's 'cause someone vandalized it'.{} And they said, 'What does that mean?'{} I said, 'Someone who was not a good person came in a ruined everything.'"

Unfortunately, the place couldn't afford surveillance cameras.{} They're re-thinking that now, according to Penza.

"Even if we had the cameras it wouldn't prevent it, but we would have some evidence," she said.

At the Party House, not only were the window's kicked in, but an alarm system was ripped off the wall.{} Warwick Police Detectives have dusted it for fingerprints, as well as the refrigerator where the doors were pulled and left opened.

Outside, NBC10 noticed fresh footprints, as well as at the sandbox, along with a large bottle of water Penza said is not usually used by children.{}

The newly discovered potential evidence is being looked at by Warwick Police.{}

"I guess you immediately try to figure out 'Why', and of course you can't figure that out." said Penza. "I see a lot of anger in it, you know, things just destroyed and strewn here and there.{} Children's toys.{} Why would you want to break children's toys?{} Why would you want to hurt children?"

Police have no suspects as of yet.{}If you have any information, call 401-468-4200.

Volunteers will do the rehab work, but materials cost money.{}To make a donation, click here.

The playground is temporarily closed.

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