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Woonsocket police shoot, kill man's pit bull

Tiny the pitbull
Tiny the pitbull
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Police in Woonsocket said Wednesday two officers shot and killed a pit bull after they said it charged one of the officers.

On Monday, police went to visit a mobile home parked at 290 Sayles St. to deliver an arrest warrant for Richard Vien.

Vien, who described himself as homeless, was not at the property when officers arrived.

Vien said he was out gathering money to pay housing fines for which the warrant was issued. He said he called the court to confirm that he would pay the fine on Tuesday, but police showed up looking for him.

According to a police statement, officers knocked on the window of the motor home. The dog, a 5-year-old pit bull named Tiny, popped up in the window. When officers knocked on the door, the dog somehow unlatched itself from the inside and emerged.

According to police, the dog began growling and snarling at an officer. Police said they began backing away from the dog. According to police, the dog charged one officer, which caused both officers to fire their guns.

Vien and his daughter, Ashley, said neighbors heard the shots.

"I feel like the dog is a victim, and I feel like my dad's a victim," Ashley Vien said.

Neighbors said there were about 15 minutes between shots, an original shot, and then a fatal shot to euthanize the dog once an animal control officer was called to the scene.

Vien arrived back at the property to find blood and what appeared to be a piece of bullet on the ground.

"I thought the dog got out and got into a fight with something. So I went into the woods and was calling the dog," he said.

Neighbors told Vien his dog was shot. He was devastated.

"He slept with me every night," Vien said.

"It's not right and I'm angry. The past two days I was said. But now I'm angry," Ashley Vien said.

Ashley Vien said she just moved and was working out a plan to take the dog to her new apartment once she got settled.

Police said the shooting is under administrative review.

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