Sunday Brunch: Breakfast B.L.T.


Breakfast BLT.

1 serving


1 loaf of crusty multi grain bread cut into 1” think pieces and toasted

1 whole ripe tomato, sliced

5 slices of thick sliced bacon cooked crisp

1 whole avocado, lightly smashed

green lettuce, washed, and torn

1 whole egg, cooked sunny side up

1 tbsp. unsalted butter

1 egg, (jumbo)

Method of preparation:

1 Place the bacon on a sheet pan and bake it in a 375-degree oven until crisp, drain well. Place on paper towel.

2. Have all ingredients set up in an organized manner.

3. Toast the bread, as its being toasted, melt the butter in a skillet nonstick works great.

4.Add the egg and let set up on one side, meanwhile when the toast is done, cover the two sided with the mashed avocado.

5. Lay a leaf of lettuce on both pieces of bread, add the tomato, then all the bacon then top with the fried egg. Serve at once.

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