BBB warning: Think Before You Pink

BBB warning: Think Before You Pink. (NBC10 Photo)

A warning from the Better Business Bureau: Think Before You Pink

This includes so called “pinkwashing,” a practice by businesses that sell pink products, claiming it will benefit charity, when they are actually pocketing the money.

There are also scammers out there using an established charity’s name in order to get donations they then pocket. One highly publicized case happened a little more than two years ago at the St. Mary’s Feast in Cranston. Men posing as volunteers for the Gloria Gemma Breast Cancer Foundation collected a few hundred dollars before they were caught.

"They prey on people's emotions,” said Carol Donnelly of the Gemma Foundation. “People want to give so they say let me give money."

But this problem is more widespread. And shouldn't necessarily taint those businesses that are raising money legitimately.

"Brigado's IGA is one of those legitimate fundraisers," said Donnelly.

"The big thing is the family really wanted to give back," said Gil Amaral, general manager of Brigado’s three fresh market stores.

"They did it right. They contacted us and said, you know we want to do this fundraiser,” said Donnelly.

So what about those charities that solicit over the phone?

"We will never, ever solicit by phone," said Donnelly. But some do.

"Regardless of the charity, if you have any questions, go directly to the charity, go to their website,” said Donnelly. “All legitimate charities have a donate button you can click on."

And do your homework on that charity. How is the money spent?

"For the foundation, 90 cents of every dollar we raise goes directly to free programs and services that we provide people."

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