Health Check: New app opens up communication with EMS, hospitals


A new app is allowing EMS to better communicate with hospitals.

The idea is to expedite care even before the patient arrives. It’s called Twiage.

"Everyone's like, 'Twiage? Are you spelling it right?'” Rebecca Broccoli, who is the executive director of emergency department operations at Roger Williams Medical Center, a CharterCare hospital, said.

The answer is yes.

"Twitter for triage,” she said. “So, that's what it is. It's actually tweeting back and forth with our EMS."

Twiage is new to Rhode Island, with Charter Care the first on board with the app.

"They can voice text us, type text us,” said Broccoli.

The registration can be started before the patient arrives, according to Darlene Cunha, who is COO of CharterCare.

“Blood work can be ordered based on what we see here or tests such as a CT scan or an MRI," Cunha said.

They can also send important information like an EKG.

"We love the EKG's we see,” said Broccoli. “They're beautiful. If a patient's in an accident, they can actually send us a picture of the car for point of impact."

And there's a GPS tracker.

"So, we can actually know the minute they arrive; how far out they are,” said Broccoli. "And once they arrive, it's HPPA compliant, so when they arrive on our doorstep, all of their information is wiped away. Our information is saved for seven years."

"When I think about it, how simple this was, why didn't we do it sooner?" said Cunha.

Twiage has been up and running at Roger Williams Medical Center and Fatima Hospital for less than a month, So far, nine cities and towns are on board, with more people being trained.

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