Health Check: Family and recovery

Health Check: family and recovery

The Lifespan Recovery Center is making recovery a family affair!

Right now, this center serves as a lifeline for many in recovery, like Kevin Perry of East Providence who began using marijuana and alcohol in high school.

"The little fun thing became in to an everyday thing,” said Perry.

Then he found himself in the throes of addiction.

"And you're following and you're not really a leader,” said Perry. “You're following and you don't know that you're digging yourself deeper into something that's not normal."

He also knows what hitting rock bottom feels like--and going through withdrawal.

"Oh my God have I been through the withdrawals, yes I have. And that's the ugly process of it. See, that's where the payoff starts."

And that's why, after nine years, he continues to come here for monthly group meetings.

"We have each other. It's a real nice insurance type thing."

"He's really committed to his recovery. He knows that it's not a short term period of time but a long term process,” said Dr. Kirsten Langdon, director of Behavioral Therapy at the center where, she says, a team helps each person navigate through the recovery process.

And now, new funding is allowing them to expand that reach to include the family. Education, one component.

"It talks about the nature of addiction and what medication-assisted therapy is, how to engage in the recovery process, how to support people in recovery,” said Langdon. “It also just talks about how addiction affects family units and sort of the breakdown of trust and breakdown of communication.

The idea is to help rebuild relationships. And for the loved ones, there’s a separate support group.

"We know that addiction not only affects the person who's struggling with substance use but it affects the whole support network around them and so we really wanted a place for people to come and get the support that they would need for themselves, but also to help support someone that they care about in recovery."

Perry knows just how important that is.

"I got a loving family and loving friends and they hiding."

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