A special garden in Providence

A special garden in Providence

As the school year winds down, a small garden at a Providence school is just getting started.

This garden making for easy access to the grade one inclusion class at Pleasant View School in Providence.

"We believe that children learn through all their senses,” said co-first grade teacher, Melissa Goding.

"They're using their sense of touch, smell and hearing the environment around them and it really sticks and that's how they learn."

And no matter the ability--this garden was created for all students here.

"So now the wheelchairs and the children in walkers can go right up to the garden beds and then can access it like every other child in our classroom."

This was important to Goding whose grandfather was in a wheelchair.

"My parents, especially my father, went above and beyond to make sure that everything was accessible for him and at an early age, I learned that's what I wanted to do, to make sure all my students could access the curriculum--get their hands deep in the dirt at their level."

So Goding applied for and received a $2,000 grant from Voya Financial. And Lowe's pitched in another $500. And here are the fruits--and vegetables--of their labor. Tomatoes, raspberries, strawberries, peppers and so much more make up this garden just outside the first grade classroom.

The kids getting in from the ground floor.

"They helped us tear open those bags of soil and pour in the dirt and spread the dirt,” said Christina McNeil, first grade co-teacher.

Javier Usher loves the blueberries that are starting to bloom.

"A lot,” he said. “like then thousand of them."

"We like the strawberries...because they're good for you," said Francis Vera.

"I like the vegetables and fruits are good for you,” said Gaby DeLeon.

With school just about over, the kids and their families are being invited back over the summer to help water and even pick some of the fresh fruits and veggies. The school's version of farm to table.

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