Asthma Camp teaches to manage condition

Asthma Camp. (WJAR)

Rhode Island’s only free, overnight asthma camp is winding down.

It takes place every June at Canonicus Camp in Exeter.

"I love it,” said 10 year old Shady Godfrey who is attending this camp for the first time. She says her favorite activities are swimming and the water slide.

"I get to make new friends and have some fun and control my asthma,” said 9 year old Kashi Truong.

And that's exactly what this camp is all about. And that includes them knowing their triggers.

"Some type of grass, some type of trees, animals, rabbits, ragweed,” said John Cancel about his triggers.

"One of the main things we actually do prepare for is having them exposed to their triggers in order for them to be able to learn how to manage them," said Miosotis Alsina, director of Asthma Camp which is part of the Community Asthma Program of Hasbro Children's Hospital which features year-round education programs

"It's fun, it's exciting," said 12 year old Ardenis Delrosario who hit a bullseye in the archery activity.

Even for those who were leary at first…

"..because I thought my asthma was going to act up wicked badly,” said Joshua Cyphers. “Now it feels my asthma is controlled even more."

And because this camp is staffed with health care professionals, parents, too, can breathe easier

"They really trust this camp,” said 10 year old Kristen Fountain. “It's because it's my second year and we had a really good year last year."

It's not just about indoor and outdoor activities, it's also about education and for some, that's the best part

"They're my favorite because they teach you about stuff like I didn't even know like I didn't know cockroaches were a trigger for our asthma,” said 10 year old Sasha Wilds, attending camp for the first time.

"They learn how to manage their asthma and understand that controlling your asthma, you can become anything and everything you want to be.” Said Alsina.

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