Health Check Kids: No bully program

Health Check Kids: No bully program

The successful No Bully Program expands to Providence Schools.

This program is being funded by Hasbro Inc. as part of its Be Fearless, Be Kind initiative which is designed to empower kids to stand up for others, be inclusive and make a difference, said director of Global Philanthropy, Bobby Gondola. And that means educators need to be trained and that training is going on at Providence School Department headquarters.

In a school board meeting room there, two teams of educators at a time, from various schools tackle different scenarios; both concerning a bullying problem.

The scenarios aren’t real, but bullying is.

"This is a very positive and proactive approach to combating bullying in our schools,” said Lisa Vargas-Sinapi, assistant principal at George J. West elementary school.

This training is all about solutions.

The No Bully Program is not new to the area. It was brought to the Pawtucket school district through Hasbro funding three years ago.

"And we've seen a 90 percent success rate in the resolution of issues related to bullying," said Gondola, referring to the No Bully Program's impact.

The bully is part of the solutions team.

"It's an incredible program. We've seen that it really takes all the kids involved and helps them and invites them to be part of the solution,” said Gondola.

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