Health Check Kids: Nutritious meals

Health Check Kids: Nutritious meals. (WJAR)

Expanding nutritious meals program at Children’s Friend.

Thanks to money from the BlueAngels Community Health Grant, Children’s Friend is able to offer healthy eating education in its head start program, for 3 to 5 year olds.

"It's amazing to see what kids will eat if they're involved with the growing of the plants so we've incorporated healthy snacks into their daily schedules,” said Stacy Couto, vice-president of external affairs with Children’s Friend.

Integrating healthy snacks and demonstrations to get children and their families engaged.

"We're able to offer some quality family time for our families. Really encourage healthy eating and promote some new foods they may not have the opportunity to try,” said Couto.

There's a picture menu, giving kids ideas on what they can do with foods they may not be so familiar with. It's a bit interesting building a snack out of rice cakes, cucumbers, bananas, chick peas and cheese.

"It's good,” said 5 year old Ariah Doran of her rice cake-banana-cucumber-chick pea snack. It's tasty and yummy."

And to help continue this snack-making project at home, each family gets a goody bag with all the ingredients. The volunteers from Blue Cross packing them with care.

"I love it,” said Laurie Shorts, Airah’s mother.”I encourage my children to try different foods."

In the coming weeks, each family will also get a starter plant--probably a tomato plant--to take home so they can watch them grow and then, of course, eat it. This new funding will help facilitate cooking classes and monthly nutrition classes to improve the health of over 1,500 children in Children’s Friend care.

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