Health Check Kids: Water bottle filling stations benefit Pawtucket school students

Water bottle filling stations are now at all Pawtucket public schools. (WJAR)

Water bottle filling stations are now at all Pawtucket public schools.

"I drink a lot of water a day because I do sports, so I have to stay hydrated," said Jayla Labossiere, a sixth grader at Goff Middle School who’s happy with the new state-of-the-art water filtration system.

"It's always cold. I don't know how it does that. It's cool,” said Tailah Abbott, another student.

"It's pretty cool you can drink cold water whenever you want and refill your water bottle if it's empty," said Taye Meerbott, a seventh-grade student.

"Just drink it and refill it,” beamed Joel Morais, who likes the fact that the water is not only cold, but filtered.

While it all sounds very simple, there was a thought process behind it.

"Our wellness sub-committee really got involved in looking at the sugar consumption of our kids during the day and it was brought forth by the wellness committee that we look at filtered water systems,” said Jay Charbonneau, who is the chair of the Pawtucket School Committee.

The investment -- $200,000 -- he said is a small price to pay for the difference it's making.

"Usually, I bring in more than one water bottle and now I only have to bring in one because when I use it, you can just refill and you can keep refilling it over and over," said Abbott.

And that adds up.

"This particular school has saved in excess of 4,500, 20-ounce bottles from being put in the landfill,” said Charbonneau. “District-wide, we're approaching 15,000, 20-ounce bottles that have not gone to the landfill because of this filtration system."

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