Health Check: PE & Me

Health Check: PE & Me. (NBC 10 Photo)

A postcard contest aimed at getting kids excited about physical activity.

It’s called Rhode Island PE & Me.

This is a partnership between Blue Cross Blue Shield of RI and the American Heart Association. On one side of the postcard, kids draw a picture that depicts what they like about physical education. On the other side, they write why it's important to you.

"I'm drawing me and my friends playing blink tag which is the tag that we play in our school at recess and gym,” said 9 year old Sydney Saccucci, of her postcard submission.

"This is a great opportunity for children to get involved in their own health,” said Lisa Deck, a volunteer for the American Heart Association.

Sydney's five year old brother Daniel is also entering the contest, drawing a picture with a holiday theme.

"Me and my family next to the Christmas tree," he said.

"It's really just a way for them to have fun with it,” said Deck. “You know, why do you like physical education. I think kids think of it as fun but it's really important for health as well."

Postcards are due by April 27, 2018.

"They will be judged on creativity, effort and strength of message and the winners will be honored at a ceremony at the statehouse,” said Deck.

"And this is also a way to bring a message to lawmakers how important PE is.

Sydney is excited about this contest.

"It's very exciting. And if I win I'll probably like scream," she beamed.

For more information or to request a postcard or kit (for teachers) , contact Nicole Beauregard at the American Heart Association at: 401-228-2328 or email at

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