Healthy Cooking for kids

Healthy Cooking for kids

A unique camp for kids focused on healthy cooking.

It’s called Fit2Cook4Kids.

"I was watching the childhood obesity epidemic in horror and I was waiting for someone to do something about it and I finally decided I would," said Karen Salvatore who founded the camp 8 years ago.

And healthy cooking is only part of this week long camp.

"There’s fitness with yoga and communication for success so they can be ambassadors for healthy living, said Salvatore.

"I really like cooking but I would like getting better at it so I thought that this would help me and it really did,” said Olivia Johnson, a camp participant.

"We see the difference from Monday to Friday in their independence and confidence levels,” said Salvatore.

"It's really fun because you get to cook and you make a lot of friends and they teach you about a lot of safety in a fun way," said camp participant, Mia Izzi.

"I like that it teaches me about things like specific pathogens like e-coli," said Agustin Velasco, a second year camper.

"What's your favorite recipe? Brownies."

"I really enjoy making all of them but I love chocolate so probably the brownies," said Johnson.

"But it's a healthy brownie, made with good ingredients,” added Salvatore.

"I'd say my favorite recipe from this year and last year has been egg in a hole,” said Velasco.

"It's where you get a piece of bread, you put a hole in the bread and then you put the egg in the hole. And what I like to do is put cheese in it then flip it over again."

Salvatore says she plans on licensing this camp so it can be offered throughout New England and beyond. There are 8 more weeks of camp left and some openings.

For a list of some of its healthy recipes, click on the “healthy recipes” tab.

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