Health Check: Tomorrow Fund helping kids with cancer

Health Check: Tomorrow Fund helping kids with cancer. (NBC 10 Photo)

Six-year-old Gianna Beauregard is one example. She is a bundle of energy

"Loves to dance, gymnastics, normal everyday stuff,” said Bethany Beauregard, Gianna’s mom.

Last year, something threatened that.

"Goes to her five year visit and they find a mass which turns out to be wilms tumor, kidney cancer," said Beauregard.

Talk about turning your life upside down.

"Completely shocked, horrified," recalled Beauregard.

"No parent wants to hear the words your child has cancer and so they're getting the best care possible from the doctors and nurses,” said Lisa Abbenante, director of the Tomorrow Fund, an organization that helps provide financial and emotional support to children with cancer and their families.

"She had a kidney removed two days later and then started with chemotherapy the next day,” said Beauregard. “Then went on for radiation and another twenty five weeks of chemo."

"And the Tomorrow Fund's there to help them with everything else," added Abbenante.

"You still get a rent bill, or a mortgage bill, your water bill and you're not worrying about those. All you're worrying about is your child."

The Tomorrow Fund takes care of things you don't necessarily think about...

"Parking passes, food, bills, whatever you needed while you're in the hospital; when you're home,” said Beauregard. “Anything you needed; support for Gianna--she had a little bit of a time adapting to the hair loss; they were there every step of the way. They sent a social worker and child life specialist up to her classroom to help educate the kids to make her more comfortable; just phenomenal."*}

Less than a year after her diagnosis, mom says Gianna is doing well.

"She is a little over three months in remission now and doing wonderful."

Gianna is just one example of the more than two thousand kids and their families the Tomorrow Fund has supported over the years. And you can help them continue this mission by taking part in this weekend's Tomorrow Fund Stroll at Garden City in Cranston. It's this Sunday and Gianna and her family will be there.

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