Health Check: Tribal Grooves gets you moving

A new invigorating dance format is making its way to Southern New England. (WJAR)

A new invigorating dance format is making its way to Southern New England.

It's called Tribal Grooves, and it uses gypsy caravan tribal belly dancing moves.

"As we get older, things start to sag and you forget what it's like to be a child," said Tanya Gorriaran-Goodwin, co-owner of Empower RI, a personal coaching wellness studio in Warwick.

"Empower RI is about empowerment. It's about bringing health and wealth to people and have them find the inner strength, to move forward. Touch, move and inspire," said Laura Gorriaran-Goodwin, co-owner, along with her wife Tanya.

The movement, by way of Tribal Grooves, which has its roots in Oregon. A woman by the name of Paulette Rees-Denis developed it.

"Her dance is about honoring the sacred feminine, but you don't have to be a woman to honor the sacred feminine, so I have guys in my classes as well," said Tanya."It's really a hip-centered movement. We have fun. We move. We dance."

"Today was my first day with Tanya, taking her class," said Angie Wimmer, who teaches traditional belly dance.

This, she says, is different.

"That was awesome. I love the energy of it," Wimmer said.

So does belly dancer Audrey Jackson.

"High energy," she said. "Taking those moves that we use to perform with and to practice with and putting it into a way to burn some fat, get your blood flowing."

"It's dancing. It's fun. It's an enjoyable thing and you're definitely, you're raising energy," said regular Cheryl Sulyma-Masson.

And if you're wondering if you can do this?

"You can't mess it up," said Tanya. "So you just move, try to follow, but we drill, we dance, we have fun."

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