Nearly 300 donations made at annual NBC 10 Summer Blood Drive


The annual NBC 10 Summer Blood Drive was a success, as nearly 300 people made blood donations at Monday’s event.

The blood drive, which was held at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Warwick, was held in honor of a 7-year-old Haylee Molina, who was hit by an alleged drunk driver in May. She suffered serious injuries and has undergone multiple surgeries.

Through it all, Haylee has needed blood, and plenty of it.

"Since the accident, Haylee has already received 22 blood donations and that's an awful lot of blood for a little girl in a very short time," said Kara LeBlanc of the Rhode Island Blood Center.

While she’s making strides, there’s always the possibility Haylee could face more surgeries.

That’s why NBC 10 partnered with the RI Blood Center for the blood drive, with 298 people giving the gift of life, including multiple firefighters from the Warwick Fire Department.

Even though the blood drive is over, can donate blood any time by contacting the Rhode Island Blood Center. Click here for more information.

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