Making Their Mark: Hand-made accessories in Providence

Karima Despres is teaming up with two Providence retailers to bring high-end accessories to Rhode Island. (WJAR)

When Karima Despres moved from France to Rhode Island, she brought some advanced design techniques with her.

Now she's teaming up with two Providence retailers to bring high-end accessories to Rhode Island.

“I know no one in the United States who does work the way that she does,” says Michael Turner, owner of Diva's Palace.

“She has shown me so much, she has introduced me to the real couturier style of designing,” adds Maria Ruggieri, owner of Ti Adoro Jewelry.

From python print fedoras to hand-painted veils, if you're looking for a one-of-a kind accessory, look no further than designer Karima Despres.

“It's important because the accessories for women, French women, is part of the personality, explains Despres.

The French-born milliner honed her craft for decades in Europe, before moving to North Providence and launching her own line of accessories, called Halima Grine.

“She's extremely creative,” says Turner. “I mean, it's just a gift from god, for sure – you're born with talent like that.”

Last year, Despres started selling her designs at Diva's Palace in Providence.

Now she's jumping into the bridal industry, teaming up with Providence-based Ti Adoro Jewelry to create a line of custom veils and accessories.

“We're launching the veils this season in Chicago and New York, but also we're making them for private customers as well now,” explains Ruggieri.

“For unique day, you want a unique veil, a unique dress,” says Despres.

It's a labor of love -- each pieces takes hours.

“You'll see nothing like this,” says Ruggieri. “Every single detail on these – every single details on these veils are handmade by Karima.”

For Despres, creating a one-of-a-kind piece that will be treasured for years is worth every minute.

You can find her products at Diva’s Palace at 725 Branch Ave. in Providence and at Ti Adoro Jewelry.

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