Making their Mark: PVDonuts brings gourmet doughnuts to Providence

If long lines are any indication, you're going to forget all about that powdered donut once you taste a PVDonut. (WJAR)

Roasted peach crumb brioche, tiramisu old fashioned, Arnold Palmer donut holes.

If you're looking for a plain old powdered doughnut, this is not the place.

But if long lines are any indication, you're going to forget all about that powdered doughnut once you taste a PVDonut.

“Oh it's, like, 100 percent better than anything really,” exclaims one customer inside.

Another customer chimes in, “They're really good. They're really fresh, and I like all the different flavors.”

“Still, every day when there's a line, I'm like, ‘Huh, people still really want doughnuts,’” says PVDonuts owner Lori Kettelle.

Kettelle and her husband Paul opened PVDonuts on maxed out credit cards and a prayer in 2016.

The 27-year-old Johnson and Wales grad says she knew Rhode Island could use a gourmet doughnut shop, but she never realized just how badly people wanted gourmet doughnuts.

“We have a friend who's actually in Tennessee right now and their Uber driver knew who we were,” says Kettelle.

We found a customer from Pennsylvania inside PVDonuts and asked how they compare to doughnuts from back home.

“It's actually a lot better,” he smiles.

The crazy part? PVDonuts hasn't spent a dime on advertising.

Kettelle says posting pretty doughnut pictures on Facebook and Instagram certainly attracts customers, but the real magic is in the menu. It changes every month, with flavors you won’t find anywhere else.

We're talking maple bacon, blueberry basil. They even made a Dunkaroos donut!

“We get inspired all over the place,” says Kettelle. “We'll constantly send each other pictures of different plated desserts on Instagram and kind of just be on the lookout of new and fun ways to do flavors.”

Their biggest seller? Cereal milk.

NBC 10 actually found an entire table of people eating just cereal milk donuts.

“When we get rid of it of it for a month, people get really upset so we've learned to always have it,” explains Kettelle.

Kettelle says PVDonuts success is a team effort. She and close to a dozen employees are all getting up at 1:30 in the morning and hustling for hours to make the tastiest doughnuts possible. Because if you've got someone waiting in line for an hour, you better make it worth the wait.

When asked about her plans for PVDonuts in the future, Kettelle laughs, “I hope to still be here doing this for sure, but maybe coming in at like 5.”

You can check out PVDonut’s new June menu and order online at

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